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This is one of my favorite pieces. If I knew it was going to be
such a popular piece, I would have painted it a little larger.

Christimas Card Design


Black and White


Tiny Dogs

Green Dog

Character design for LeapFrog Leapster.

A Little Monster

Character Design for LeapFrog Leapster.

Acapulco or Bust

This project was stopped at the early concept stage.
I did character & Prop design at Storytime Pictures.

Mother Goose Nursery ROMS

I did lead art direction, concept, painting and animation
of Mother Goose Nursery ROMS mostly #3 and #4.
It was published by Reggleberry Products, Inc. Great people!
I felt rewarded being a part of Children's education.

Fun Ride

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This small book was for my older sister who is mother to the
little boy and girl in this book.
I sold this book at Alternative Press Expo in S.F. 2007.

There Once was a King

This story was inspired by old pop song,
The Girl with April in her eyes.
It's a WIP.

Take Me Home

These are concept designs and background paintings
for my short film, Take Me Home.

Crazy Umbrella

Crazy Umbrella is my first student film. The story is about
a small umbrella waiting for the rain. Two background
paintings were done in gouache. First painting is opening
scene and the next one is the story's climax.